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Click on the link below which corresponds to the name of your server for an up to the minute status report (your server name is included in your welcome email). Our server monitors will notify us of any problems as soon as they occur. Please read the comments section of the respective link for a description of any problems and their expected resolution time. Please contact our helpdesk if you have any concerns.

Server Outage (all clients affected)
Server Outage (some clients affected)
Service OK
Last Reported Problem: 18/12/15 00:55am
Servers Affected: Solaris
Reported Problem: The http server failed after an update and needed to be reconfigured and restarted..
Issue Status: Resolved 18/12/15 01:20am
Comments: The http server is now back online. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.
All times: GMT


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