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Since our inception in 1999, Topclasshost has developed a global customer base by providing cost effective web hosting and a commitment to customer service. We are  pleased to say that many of our customers have been with us since the beginning and chose to renew their accounts with us year after year. Rather than becoming complacent, however, we continue to strive to deliver Topclass customer service and a reliable platform for all your hosting needs.

Our Servers - Our technicians - Feel confident in the fact that you are not dealing with "middle men". We host sites on our own servers, with our own certified technicians providing a first level of technical support. This allows us to deal with potential problems directly and also allows us to create customized solutions, as we do not have to conform to any fixed packages, or payment structures.
Technical Expertise - Through our parent company Test4Success, we are a CompTIA  Authorized Service Center and a member of the Computing Technology Industry Association. With certified technicians, you can be sure that your web site will be in knowledgeable hands.
Servers - Intel Dual XEON and Pentium 4 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux ensure Intel compatibility, with a robust and extremely fast architecture. With a maximum of 200 sites per server, and a typical head room of 400 sites, you can always be sure of a fast response and a reliable connection to your web space.
Security - All servers are situated in a secure and controlled environment. The servers are housed in secure racks behind locked doors with an integrated security system. Multiple redundant power supplies combined with surge and spike protectors ensure a constant supply of power to your server. Both automated monitors and a dedicated network team monitor the network on a 24/7/365 basis to ensure smooth running.
Scalability and Flexibility - As your web site grows your server space and features can grow with you. All our accounts are fully flexible and can be adjusted at any time. Need an extra 100 gigabytes of monthly bandwidth - no problem!

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